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Physical and mental health coach

Most of us need help finding the right path at some time in our lives.

My coaching services help you achieve and maintain good health and fitness. I know you’re busy, so my advice is workable and tailored to your needs.

I help you with:

  • Understanding how your diet affects your body
  • How to make healthy choices
  • Achieving your fitness goals

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Many organisations and businesses understand the importance of helping their employees achieve good health and fitness.

After all, fit and healthy employees help you achieve your goals, hit your targets, and run your business or organisation smoothly.

My consulting services give you and your employees useful advice on:

  • A healthy diet
  • A healthy mindset
  • Exercise and fitness

I offer a free initial consultation. Contact me to tell me what you and your employees need.

Motivational Speaking

I am passionate about telling my fitness story and helping anyone to feel able to ask for help to transform their health.

I am an experienced, entertaining speaker and I’m happy to talk at events or to organisations about my own transformation, the challenges I faced, the advice I give to clients, and how important it is that our country tackles health issues such as obesity.

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