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The Monday Club.

In the words of Slade, IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!

We hope you a festive week ahead of you and are managing to start to wind down for the year and reflect on all the amazing things you have achieved in 2018.

We’d personally like to thank you for all the support we’ve recieved since launching in December 2017- you guys really are the best!

Have a fabulous christmas and here’s to an excitng new year,

Cath + Narelle xx

121 Motivation.

This week we talk to Ryan from 121 Motivation (you may have seen him recently at our christmas markets being salemans of the year for Ivorymint Stationery!) We thought this interview would be a great way to finish off 2018 – Ry is a strong believer of finding time for personal wellbeing, however busy you may be. I know that my (Cath) new years resolution will definitely be finding that hour a day away from the business to have a bit of me time! Enjoy ladies…

Hey Ryan, tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

Hi I’m Ryan and I started 121 MOTIVATION a year ago, 121 MOTIVATION is a business offering motivational speaking, fitness events and personal training services. 121 is about helping you achieve your goals and putting you on the right path to getting the results you want. It’s mainly focused around physical and mental health, general fitness and lifestyle that empowers people to take time for themselves and to implement change for the better.

We’ve heard that you’ve worked with some of our Monday Club members. Can you tell us more?

2018 has been a huge success for so many clients including two of your very own Monday Club members! I worked with Katie (IvorymintStationery) when she first came to our 121 Motivation hour, a weekly outdoor group HIIT class in Penarth. I recall advising her to invest in herself, by simply buying herself a decent pair of trainers! This relationship evolved and I am so proud and pleased to have coached Katie through some significant weight loss and helped her find a love of running.

Her transformation since October this year has been incredible!! She has far exceeded her own expectations and completed an awesome challenge of running 100 miles in one month (her last run being a whopping 21km!) Like all my clients and 121 class members, Katie has become an inspiration to me personally and has motivated so many people with her achievements.

Another Monday Club member I have had the privilege of working with through weekly personal training (PT) sessions is Rachel from Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique. Like many of us, Rachel has an incredibly busy schedule however she recognised that it was so important to find time for herself following our motivational consultation. I am so proud to do our last PT session with Rach this week! She has absolutely smashed her goal and 4 weeks ahead of schedule! I am confident Rachel now has all the tools to carry out a healthier fitter lifestyle, with a great work life balance that she knows when to prioritise number one by following the 121 MOTIVATION ethos. This is what Rach had to say this week…

”As a woman in business time is precious and very valuable – every second of the day can be taken up consumed in the work that we have nourished and love deeply. I’ve never really mastered my work-life balance and even now in my sixth year ofbusiness I’m still getting my head around it! But, something did change when I met with Ryan at the start of this year- it’s like he gave me a pass that said ‘take an hour for you’ (I never knew that would involve running though!) but alas, I brought my first pair of trainers in 6 years and after my first meeting with Ryan the rest is history! He’s managed to help me achieve things I never thought was possible (like running a half marathon in October in under two hours!) and exercise, along with healthy nutrition, has become a daily occurrence in my life – not for any other reason now than I actually WANT to do it! I have so much more energy than I ever have done and that also translates into my business! I’ve made so many new friends in Ryan’s circuit classes and when I’ve been out in the pouring rain he is always there to say ‘Yes Rach – you’ve totally got this!’

He’s absolutely incredible, I can’t believe what he’s helped me achieve in a year and I can’t wait to smash more goals next year (including an Iron(wo)man relay team!) Seriously, who have I become?!? I honestly can’t recommend him enough, he’s totally exceptional and is right by his clients side (no matter how big or small their goal is) every step of the way! He’s like the fairy godfather I never even knew I needed!”

Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of passion towards your clients goals, what makes you different from other personal trainers?

For me the best outcome of personal training isn’t just about getting fit, that’s just a happy bi-product, it’s more about building trust and understanding people. My clients trust me to get them fit but what I’m actually doing is empowering them to trust in themselves and give themselves permission to prioritise number one. I plan to develop the business further by offering emotional support to clients at a deeper level and am currently studying for a Masters in Counselling.


The process of building a relationship with a client is integral to the programme and I feel it is so important to share my background and experiences to allow them to fully understand how my journey, my ethos and empathy can really support and encourage their change. Personally, I have experienced a weight loss of 8 stone and battled with weight and obesity for most of my life. I know how hard it is and I will never underestimate the challenges of losing weight. My mission is to empower people and to believe in my clients; to physically train them to become fitter, healthier and stronger; to emotionally support them ‘when the going gets tough!’.



It doesn’t end at personal training either, I love to challenge others to go beyond their comfort zones and with a background in production and event management, I have organised and run a multitude of exciting events including organising the first 3 stages of trekking the length of New Zealand! One of the highlights of our 121 events last year was motivating a great group of people to take on the challenge of climbing the highest three peaks in Wales back to back. This was a tremendous success raising well over £1000 for LATCH children’s cancer charity.



Do you have any exciting plans for 2019?

Next year is going to be bursting with lots of fun and challenging events, I’m so excited! There are plenty of triathlons, cycles, obstacle events, treks, half marathons, full marathons and 10k’s that many of our 121 members are working towards; the first being Llanelli half in February. I’m also part way through organising some more trekking weekend challenges and also the first 121 Fitness Retreat!

In January I will be doing a motivational talk called ‘Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.’

With so many successes from 2018 I will be kick-starting the New Year by sharing many more 121 success stories. The talk will cover fitness, nutrition, inspiration, motivation and will give you the tools to set and achieve your personal goals, no matter how big or small. There will be further insight into my personal journey and the battles of obesity from speaking at the World Obesity Conference in 2010 to completing an Ironman in 2017 with nearly 19 stone of baggage! During the talk I will also be releasing the details of the 2019 fitness events and there will be a chance to book on at a discounted rate.


You’ve mentioned Penarth a couple of times, what is it you love about working and living in Penarth?

I absolutely love the town of Penarth! It has everything I have ever wanted in terms of my work and my personal life. I use every inch of the topography of Penarth as my PT studio and I feel privileged every day to be able to work with such beautiful surroundings. All of my sessions are based in and around Penarth and from January 2nd I am really excited to launch a new indoor group HIIT class at the iconic Penarth Pavilion (all abilities welcome!).



Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.
Where? Penarth Pier Pavilion
When? 11th January 2019, doors open at 6.30pm / starts at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £15 per person and can be bought here.

Weekly HIIT Classes are on EVERY Thursday at 6.30pm at the Penarth Pier Pavilion. Please email Ryan to book on.


Once again thank you for taking the time to read through this newsletter and we hope it brought a smile to your face on a Monday Morning. As always if you want to be featured or have an idea for The Monday Club let us know.

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