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I’m not your average personal trainer and I understand that simply asking for help can be so tough for many people.

I’ve been through my own fitness transformation having lost 8st, something which many trainers have never had to face. Because I’ve done that journey myself, I know how tough it is.

So, my personal training is all about being supportive, understanding the reasons people become unfit in the first place, and the need to look at their underlying motivations.

The first step is getting in touch and having an informal chat with me. I understand that it can be hard to ask for help because you feel you may be judged, but I’ve been through the same process and will never judge you.

I limit the number of personal training clients we see at any one time. Why? Because you need my focus to help you find your motivation and sustain it. I commit my energy to you, and I encourage you to do the same for me.

That way, you achieve the results you need, and I get a huge buzz out of seeing you transforming your fitness. I provide a flexible programme to suit you. That could mean coming to your home, your workplace, meeting at a gym, or training outside.

I work with clients for a set period of time, and they leave us when they no longer need us.

Our clients achieve their goals and move on to a healthier, happier life.

Get motivated...

Understanding what drives you, and what will help you achieve your fitness goals, is at the heart of what I do. I will:

  • Look at your relationship with food
  • Find out what is blocking your attempts to get active
  • Draw up a personal plan which is unique to you
  • Advise you on how to change your eating habits

...stay motivated

Once the plan is in place, I will help you to avoid the pitfalls which could halt your fitness journey. I’ll give you:

  • Personal, one-to-one support tailored to your needs – just like the business name suggests
  • Fresh physical challenges to maintain your progress
  • Access to my exclusive member area where you can chat with other people who have undergone the same process
  • Useful tips to help you keep up your commitment to your new lifestyle

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