Change your mindset, and change your life.

Sometimes, we know we need to make changes in our lives, but we lack the confidence. We might need to change our health and fitness, our eating habits, our work, or our home life. Yet, something is holding us back from transforming the way we live.

It’s a situation I’ve been in myself. It can feel like nothing we do makes a difference. We can feel helpless. However, I’m living proof that you can change, and you can transform your life. That’s why I began studying for a qualification in counselling in 2018, learning useful techniques which would help other people following the same path I went down.

Being able to help someone find out what’s important to them, decide their goals, work toward them, and achieve them is so rewarding.

How can we help?

We provide an understanding ear during our sessions which can help you find solutions and and motivate you with the following:

  • Getting the right mindset to lose weight
  • Finding your motivation to improve your fitness
  • Giving you the self-confidence to make life changes
  • Balancing your home life and work life
  • Dealing with stress and overwhelm
  • Understanding  your personal journey in getting fitter, healthier and stronger!!

Who will benefit from our listening?

Anyone who feels stuck in a situation will get great benefit from our assistance.

We’re especially useful to people who need to change their mindset to make different health choices, those who want to get fit and lose weight, and generally people who feel stressed and overwhelmed.

We’re also a great help for businesses who want to help their staff cope with the stresses and strains of the workplace, and specifically work life balance.

We can recommend counsellors across South Wales, and Ryan is currently studying in becoming a Counsellor himself at the University of South Wales.

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