About 121 Motivation

“I know how tough changing your body can be
– because I’ve done it myself”

Few personal trainers could tell you from first-hand experience what it is like to transform their body by losing 8st. I can!

Most trainers start off being fit and they stay fit.

My experience was completely different. I knew I had to lose a great deal of weight and I knew it would be very hard work doing it. I was right!

I lost that weight by combining healthy eating, exercise, and the right motivation.

I am living proof that you can transform your body, become fit and active, and change your lifestyle – and that you can stay motivated.

That’s why I set up 121 MOTIVATION. The correct mindset and motivation are at the core of everything we do. Without it, changing your diet and exercise regime won’t lead to  a permanent change in lifestyle, which is what we are all about.

That personal experience led me to develop an interest in obesity, examine its effects on our country and the rest of the world, and attend the Obesity World Conference in Bangkok in 2010, debating against the world leaders in gastric band surgery. I believe passionately that people can change their lives without surgery provided they have the right motivation.

After establishing a successful personal training business in London, I decided to come back home to Wales and I realised my new business needed to be about the whole person.

In early 2018, I established 121 MOTIVATION, a programme which combines mindset, training, counselling, motivational speaking, and coaching. This enables me to help people deal with the root causes of their fitness and diet problems. I want to leave Wales, and the rest of the UK, with a legacy of improved health and wellbeing.


Why empathy is so important to 121 MOTIVATION

Counselling and understanding how people can see a route through their problems has become hugely important to me and 121 MOTIVATION.

Like many people, I have been through some difficult times.

They can leave us depressed, feeling lost, and traumatised. The struggle can leave us so exhausted, we simply can’t see past it. That’s why I’m secured a postgraduate qualification in counselling, and am now studying towards my Masters.

I understand how fearful people can be when they need to confront the things which are holding them back in life, and I want to be able to help them take that first, vital step on the road to their goals.

121 MOTIVATION is a place where people can feel supported and, of course, motivated, but never judged. Empathy is so important to me, and to the way 121 MOTIVATION works.


My mission – to change people's health and lifestyle for the better, one client at a time

My ambition is to transform our nation’s health by educating people about the impact of their health choices, and by giving them the self-confidence to tackle their problems.

I aim to:

  • Inspire people to take control of their health
  • Give people the tools to have good fitness and a healthy eating regime for life
  • Help people find, and maintain, their motivation
  • Inspire them to pass on that knowledge to other people
  • “Even though it's still early days and I still have some way to go, Ryan's constant motivation and support makes me more determined than ever to reach my target and to make myself and him proud knowing that he is with me 100% every step of the way. Highly recommended- Thanks Ryan!! Bring it on!”

    Leah Roberts

  • “Being a 50+ lady whose kids have grown up, I have taken the plunge and signed up for Llanelli Half Marathon. Having never exercised in my life I turned to Ryan for help. He has devised my exercise and eating regime and I am now feeling fitter, stronger, and more motivated than I ever have before. The added bonus is I have lost over a stone already. He is an Ironman himself, what better qualification? I can't wait to cross that finish line to make him and my family proud of me. Couldn't do it without you, Ryan.”

    Mandy Lewis

  • “Lost my first stone and ran a 5k. All in 2 weeks. So much further to go, but without Ryan it just wouldn’t happen. Always on the phone and a true motivator when training. Would recommend to anyone of any ability to try it.”

    Andy Hopkins

Fitter. Healthier. Stronger.


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