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The best outcome of personal training isn't getting fit, that's a happy bi-product, it's about building trust. My clients trust me to get them fit but what I'm actually doing is building their trust in themselves and their own ability to create a sustainable, self-motivated habit and a healthier approach to their own well being. 

It totally inspires me to see how much effort and determination my clients put in to their workouts and to see how they change as a person through our time together. I am proud of every single one of my clients. 


I can’t even begin to explain how motivational and supportive Ryan is. The goal setting session at the beginning was a great way to put everything in perspective and motivate me into bettering myself. I’ve gone through a tough time and a Ryan has been a rock. His sessions are tailored to me personally and push me just the right amount - they’re also always new and fun! Ryan has given me a tailored weight loss fitness plan, with nutritional advice, and I have lost 22kg in 4 months which is insane!  Honestly the nicest guy and the BEST personal trainer.



I joined 121 Motivation in January 2019 having recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a condition I have suffered with for many years undiagnosed. Ryan has been amazing! The personalised 121 training sessions have really helped strengthen my muscles groups, my balance has improved and my energy levels have rocketed. I now train 4 times a week, including a weekly 5k Parkrun! I have never considered myself to be a runner, but Ryan soon changed that. Going to the HIIT classes ads a social element to training - we all support each other. I have lost nearly a stone in 10 weeks, but the best thing by far is that I have not had any fibromyalgia-flares since I started the programme. I will always be grateful to Ryan for putting me on the path to health and fitness.


I was a 67 year old slightly plump and out of condition lady. Retired for the second time from our childminding duties when our youngest grandson went to school full time, so feeling a little lost with a lot of time to fill. When our daughter, Sarah, suggested I go to Ryan for P.T.sessions I thought me a couch potato who hates the gym and walking? No way! Well here I am, still 67! 10 sessions later feeling great, fitter and 11 pounds lighter. Motivated enough to get up early and go out for a walk up to 3 times a week and when I forget to do my evening squats get out of my nice warm bed. Ryan is a star and has encouraged, supported and motivated me through my journey. He has sometimes taken me out of my comfort zone to do activities like boxing and  balancing on a ball, but I had completer confidence that he would not let me come to any harm. The next phase of my journey is going to Ryans HIT class on a Thursday to keep up the good work.


Andy Hopkins

2017 was a year that I planned to lose weight, however with the arrival of my youngest son and many work commitment, this didn’t work out. 2017 brought blood pressure issues and even more weight gain. The start of 2018 was the time to make change. 121 Motivation was a new thing for me and Ryan gave me the focus to get on the ‘waggon’ and make a real effort for myself. Now having done 12 week, I am starting to see the results both with weight loss and health improvement. I have lost 2.5 stone, and now don’t take my blood pressure medication. Ryan has given me the focus and the drive as well as helping me through the time when I wanted to stop. The focus to change my lifestyle has been key to this, also appreciating that normal life carries on and having a night out is not a problem. This has been a great learning curve. If someone had said to me at Christmas that I would be looking forward to doing a 7K run after work I wouldn’t have believed them. This is a lifestyle change for me and I enjoy it, so long may it continue.

Rachel Burgess

As a business woman (or a woman in business as I prefer to call it!) time is precious and time is so very valuable - every second of the day can be taken up consumed in the work that we have nourished and love deeply. When it comes to the work life balance thing- this is is something I’ve never really mastered, and even now in my sixth year of business I’m still getting my head around it! But, something did change when I met with Ryan at the start of this year- it’s like he gave me a pass that said ‘take an hour for you’ (I never knew that would involve running though!) but alas, I brought my first pair of trainers in 6 years and after my first meeting with Ryan the rest is history! He’s managed to help me achieve things I never thought was possible (like running a half marathon in under two hours!) and exercise along healthy nutrition has become a daily occurrence in my life - not for any other reason now than I actually WANT to do it! I have so much more energy than I ever have done and that also translates into my business! I’ve made so many new friends in Ryan’s circuit classes and when I’ve been out in the pouring rain he is always there to say ‘Yes Rach - you’ve totally got this!’ 
He’s absolutely incredible, I can’t believe what he’s helped me I’ve achieve in a year and I can’t wait to smash more goals next year (including an iron(wo)man relay team!) Seriously, who have I become?!?
I honestly can’t recommend him enough, he’s totally exceptional and is right by his clients side (no matter how big or small their goal is) every step of the way! He’s like the fairy godfather I never even knew I needed!


2018 was a very emotional year for me and I turned to Ryan and 121 Motivation for help. I needed to feel better about myself and stronger. Through sweat and literal tears Ryan helped me achieve this. As the name 121 indicates I went from the bad place I was in to the better place I am now.  I felt more confident for my 50th and had the strength to help with my parents house clearance. Weekly HIIT classes are like therapy that I enjoy. I’m going to have another PT block of 12 sessions because as Ryan says “I’m worth it” and I know that now.

Kate Freeman

5 Months

If this doesn’t some up the change that’s happened to me both physically and mentally over the last 12 weeks I don’t know what will. This popped up on my memories this morning, perfect timing when today (the day before I met off on my hen) bought a 3.5lb loss on the scales (taking me to the lightest weight I’ve been at for 13 years), a 7k run being completed in an hour dead on, and trying on a size 14 jumpsuit that fitted like a glove. 12 weeks ago I would never have dreamed that I would be running for 1 minute let alone 1 hour, and if someone had told me I was going to run every day of my holiday in Portugal I would’ve laughed at them, poured myself another lager and opened a 2nd bag of ruffles whilst rolling over on my over stretched sunbed!! But I did, and I do, and I can’t believe the change in myself. None of this would’ve been possible without Ryan @ 121 motivation. You have completely taken me under your wing and been so positive and encouraging abut everything. Yes my clothes are now 2/3 sizes smaller, and I weigh less but the most important change has been in me and my outlook and attitude on everything- and for that I can never thank you enough!!!! Thanks for everything Ryan, your the best x

Lizzie Rayner - 3 months

Ryan is undoubtedly a great trainer, I was one of these people who didn’t really understand the need for a personal trainer I thought I could just take myself off running a couple of times and get to where I wanted to be and was then surprised when this didn’t work. Ryan has really focused in on what I wanted to achieve and why I wasn’t managing this by myself. On a more personal level he is a great listener and at a difficult time when I couldn’t control factors in my life he encouraged me to think about the things I could improve like my health and fitness. This had a big impact on me and helped me move forward.

My weight has been up and down since I got married four years ago with my body going through 2 miscarriages, 2 pregnancies and breastfeeding two babies. It feels really good to get back to feeling positive about my body shape and fitness.

With a 3 year old, a 3 month old, work and volunteering I really didn’t think there was the time for PT but whatever the circumstances Ryan will make it work for you even if that means stopping to breastfeed in a session (me, not Ryan!) or entertaining two children he’s up for the challenge!

Jodie Breakwell - 16 weeks

In the space of a few months and 15 sessions with Ryan, I have managed to lose 3 stone and two dress sizes as well as achieving some great goals.

I graduated university in 2018 and throughout, knew I was overweight. But more than that I wasn’t happy in myself and found that my bubbly personality was being crushed when looking back at pictures that had been taken. It wasn’t until I moved to Cardiff and started hiit that I met Ryan and realised that I was going to do something about it!! I had tried numerous ways of losing weight on my own, but felt totally inspired by Ryan’s attitude and motivation. It has been the most incredibly tough journey, but I’m starting to feel great and can fit into clothes that haven’t fit me for years!! Ryan has pushed me throughout and given me the support I needed, but has also been a great friend who I have opened up to.

In addition to PT, I started going to park run on a Saturday morning to lose weight and have just completed my first half marathon as well as the 100k challenge!! I NEVER thought I’d be someone who enjoyed running, but now I find myself running because I want to. I feel so much stronger, full of energy and plan to do another in February!

Through PT and hiit sessions, I have also made some amazing friends and we all support each other. Diolch yn fawr Ryan, you’re such a lovely guy.

Scott Lewis - 12 weeks

After 5 years not being very active in a desk job and not training much I slowly pilled on the weight. Approaching 40 I decided to take the plunge and contacted Ryan after reading about the great work he does.

I can honestly say it was the best decision I made. From our first meeting we hit it off straight away. Ryan gets it, he understands the pressures that life can bring and he designed a training plan around my full time job and married life with 2 kids.

A big thing for me is I enjoy a pint with my mates and the odd meal out. Ryan understood that and I still enjoy a beer, but with the plan in place I have lost 2 and a half stone in 3 months. Ryan has helped me think about food more and plan what I’m going to eat and drink. The training allows me to earn my treats on the weekend.

I have built training into my lifestyle, if someone said to me I’d be running home from work once a week, hitting BP’s in park runs, let alone doing 100 squats I would not have believed them.

I’ve just completed one block of 12 sessions and signed up for the next 12 immediately given the results I have seen in 3 months. I plan to lose a further 3 stone and I know this is achievable with Ryan’s support and motivation.

If you’re thinking contacting Ryan, just do it, I promise you won’t regret it.


I started my journey with 121 Motivation in September 2019 when I reached my heaviest weight and I felt completely fed up with how I looked. I had been extremely unhappy for many years but didn't have the motivation or willpower to change. I tried losing a few pounds but then would give up and put more weight back on - causing me to feel even more unhappy and the emotional eating cycle would start again.
I decided I needed help to reach my goals and Ryan was recommended to me as a Personal Trainer. I knew I needed professional guidance and support in order to change my body and mind and desperately needed to act on medical advice in respect of losing weight. Due to having severe scoliosis and poor lung function I knew joining a gym was a no go for me and was more in need of a tailored programme which I could follow with guidance in a safe environment.
I recognise part of my unhappiness is related to having a disability but my weight was making me feel even more unhappy with how I perceived myself. I was aware that carrying excess weight was causing additional stress on my back and joints but despite being told I needed to lose weight by a medical consultant I was in denial for a few months before deciding to do something about it.
Ryan is so much more than a Personal Trainer - I'm still on my weight loss journey but he is continually helping me to challenge myself both physically and mentally in order to reach my goals safely. Ryan has positively encouraged me to focus on breaking down my overall target into achievable bite-size steps rather than fixating on an overall weight target. 121 Motivation is completely non-judgemental and Ryan is willing to listen, encourage and provide invaluable support (in terms of both food choices and exercises) both during and in-between sessions. Ryan's check-in messages definitely kept me on track as I felt accountable to someone else even when I was struggling.
Ryan is so supportive and his positive attitude has definitely made me more determined to achieve my weight loss goal over the next few months. 121 Motivation's support includes not only physical support but also emotional and mental well-being too. Joining 121 is the best thing I have done to start improving my health and my only regret is not starting sooner!


Having played rugby all my life my weight was never something I kept an eye on or even that bothered by. Playing in the front row and keeping to 17 and a half stone seemed easy 10 years ago! January 1st 2019, I hit an all-time high of 22 stone. Probably a combination of working shifts for 10 years, poor diet and not enough exercise, the weight had slowly crept up year by year. 2019 flew by with my weight fluctuating but never really dropping below 21 stone. January 2020, now 21 stone 4 lbs and after some wise words from some good friends I realised I needed a plan and one in which I would stick to. Luckily for me my wife had a best friend who happened to be a personal trainer!
In-steps Ryan EVANS- 121 motivation! Cardiff was a touch too far to travel for me but I managed to gate crash every FaceTime and phone call he had with Angharad to tap into his expertise. After a consultation he tailored a programme for me and put a 30 minute HIIT session together and placed it on YouTube for me to follow whenever it was convenient. This was key for me as it was simple follow, short and sharp and I could pick it up any time of day whether it be before work in the morning or after work with my 20 month old Elsi sitting on my shoulders! I tried a couple of the live Facebook sessions which were great but they fell in line with Elsi’s bedtime routine so this wasn’t sustainable, hence why the YouTube video worked better for me.
Ryan also had great advice on what foods to eat and what not to eat. Although I didn’t follow any specific diet I just started eating healthier, basically cut down on crisps and chocolate! The lockdown also helped cut down on eating out and my alcohol consumption! Fast forward to July 2020 and I’m back to my fighting weight 17 and a half stone. I would like to say a huge thanks to Ryan for all his help over the last 6 months as it has been invaluable! I would also like to thank my wife Angharad for her continued support as without either this journey would not have been possible.


Er bo fi ‘di bod yn ymarfer corff yn gyson dros y blynydde – dwi ‘di ffeindio fy hun mewn bach o dwll yn ddiweddar. Yn (esgus!) ymarfer - ond ddim yn rhoi 100%.
O’n i’n gwbod bod angen gadael y gampfa a thrio rhwbeth gwahanol. Nes I ddigwydd dod ar draws Ryan - Cymro Cymraeg sy’ ‘di ymgartrefu ym Mhenarth. Ar ol dechrau mynd i wersi wythnosol HIIT - fis Rhagfyr 2019 nes i benderfynu ymrwymo i wersi PT wythnosol.
Ar ol eistedd lawr am awr a thrafod goliau ac ati o’dd hi’n amlwg bo ni’n deall ein gilydd. Mae gan Ryan y ddawn o wbod yn iawn shwt ma’ cyflyrru rhywun i neud rhwbeth – gan osod heriau cyson ond cyraeddadwy. Fis Ionawr, rhedeg 3k y diwrnod o’dd y nod a hyd yn oed yn y gwynt, y glaw a’r oerfel roedd gwbod bod Ryan yn cadw llygad barcud arnai ac yno i annog yn ddigon o sbardun i gwblhau yr her.
Pan ddaeth y cyfnod clo – fe allai hi fod wedi mynd nail ffordd neu’r llall – ond gyda’r dyddiadur bellach yn wag dyma fachu ar y cyfle I ymrwyo i fy ffitrwydd a’r frwydr gyda’r glorian! Roedd Ryan yno yn gefn drwy’r cyfan. Bu’n rhaid addasu – gwersi ar Zoom ond yr un oedd y gefnogaeth, y geiriau o gysur a’r hwyl wrth ymarfer.
Dwi nawr yn rhedeg 40-45k yr wythnos. Mae rhwbeth wedi newid a’r gwahaniaeth y tro hyn yw bod Ryan wedi bod yno i gefnogi – fel hyfforddwr personol ond hefyd fel ffrind.
For a few years I’d been in a bit of a rut with my training (I mean going to the gym at 1.45 so you can watch Neighbours on the exercise bike is hardly pushing yourself, right?!)
I knew I needed a new approach to my fitness and wellbeing. I stumbled across 121 motivation – and was instantly impressed by Ryan’s friendly approach to it all. Soon enough I was attending my first HIIT class on Penarth Pier enjoying squats, lunges and burpees with a group of like-minded people.
I wanted to make fitness a priority and in December 2019 signed up for some personal training sessions with Ryan.
He knew exactly which strings to pull, challenging me (a non – runner) to a 3k every day in January. Even in the cold of winter, knowing that Ryan would be checking in on my progress daily was enough to make me venture out in the wind and rain. Soon enough I was (starting to) enjoy it and signed up for a 10k and running and weights was now a part of my daily routine. (I was even doing 6am hill runs - he’d created a monster!)
Lock down came in March to put a spanner in the works but instead of reaching for the biscuit barrel (or the beer barrel for that matter) I knew this was a perfect opportunity - away from social distractions - to make a real change. Ryan was there as a constant to encourage, counsel, motivate and support. We adapted – training on zoom. A different scenario but the same intense session and the same euphoria and endorphins at the end of the hour!
I’m 3 stone down since the start of the year and m now running 40-45k a week. Something just clicked. The difference this time round? Having Ryan by my side to keep me fully focused and on track. Having been there himself, he knows how tough it is and encourages and empathises accordingly. They say there’s strength in numbers - there’s definitely strength in 121 !! 😉 Diolch Ryan!

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