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Would you like to transform your fitness, boost your health, and change the way you think about exercise, food, your home life, or work?

If something is holding you back, or you fear you will be judged, 121 MOTIVATION is the programme for you.

My personal training is all about being supportive, understanding the reasons people become unfit in the first place, and the need to look at their underlying motivations.

The first step is getting in touch and having an informal chat with me. I understand that it can be hard to ask for help because you feel you may be judged, but I’ve been through the same process and will never judge you.

121Motivation Ryan Evans

I’m Ryan Evans, an experienced personal trainer, consultant, counsellor and motivational speaker. My non-judgemental, effective approach gives you workable solutions for your health, fitness and wellbeing. 

My whole-person approach helps you maintain that enthusiasm for change. Instead of being a short-term wonder, my programme helps you change your health for life. It’s all in my motto: Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

My MOTIVATION is about helping you achieve your goals! It is about kick starting that journey and putting you on the right path to getting the results you want. We will get you to that ultimate destination and have fun along the way!


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